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Missie & Tifé offers you unique, whimsical, elegant and luxurious hair accessories and jewelry. Inspired by nature's essence and opulence as well as everything around us both past and present. Missie and Tifé creates pieces the resonates with the beauty, richness and wonder that nature, our culture and the world has to offer for you will enjoy for years to come.

 Each piece is designed and made in our studio by hand using only the best materials like 14K yellow and pink gold-filled wires, silver-filled wires, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, pearls, gemstones, silk and other materials in our creations. Because every bride and person is special, our hair accessories are designed to be lightweight for all day wear and versatile so that they can be worn  in different ways making the pieces as unique as the owner. 

Missie & Tifé’s hair accessories include hair vines, combs, headbands, ponytail cuffs and hairpins. Our jewelry pieces include earrings, chokers, pendants and bracelets that you will wear frequently for a chic, effortless style.

Due to the hand made nature of our accessories, no two hair accessory are completely identical. All Missie & Tifé pieces can also be customized to make it truly yours. 

At Missie & Tifé, we encourage you to participate in the creation of your accessories. We know that you will enjoy your Missie & Tifé accessory for years to come.

 Our accessories make excellent gifts.

Talk to us about your ideas and let us work together to create amazing accessories for you.


Paying it Forward

 At one point or the other in our lives, we have been blessed by people who have helped us grow in order to  achieve our potential. 

At Missie & Tifé, we are committed to helping and inspiring the most vulnerable, locally, in our community, and internationally, to discover life’s possibilities and build on their own capacity. That is why Missie & Tife is dedicated to donating 15% of all purchases to supporting children and helping those in need to ensure they have more opportunities that uplift and enrich their lives.

Missie & Tifé will like to thank you for your part in making these donations possible with your purchases. Together we do our part to put more caring and compassion into the world.



About Shola

Shola is the principal designer at Missie & Tifé, mostly self-taught she has been creating jewelry pieces for over 15 years for friends and family. While working as a hairstylist, her search for unique, light-weight hair accessories that could be incorporated into a bridal style or for a special event by her guests led to the creation of Missie & Tifé. Her love for nature and her cultural background serves as a big influence in all Missie and Tifé's designs. 

Shola loves creating accessory pieces in our Saskatoon studio that you will enjoy wearing for years to come. 


Designed and made with love in Saskatoon.


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